The POS system you have been waiting for.

A complete solution for your Cafe/Restaurant/Hotel.

OrderSmart is a Cloud POS (point-of-sales) system that promises to improve your way of working your cafe/restaurant.

With amazing features like multi-point-printing and control panels for all your departments or kitchens, OrderSmart elevates yours and your customers experience!

OrderSmart is a product of GuestSmart Technologies.

Multi-point prints

Click once – print at multiple locations. Send your order slips to the department they need to go, automatically.

Complete Cloud

Work locally, monitor remotely. All your data is stored safely and backed up in real-time. No more worrying.

Easy to operate

Your staff will love it. No training required, and the best part: It works from multiple platforms (iOS/Android/Browser).

A full-featured, fully accessible system, using state of the art tools.

Cloud based, accessible and fast.

OrderSmart POS runs on the cloud and that makes it super fast, safe, always backed up and always available for use.

Excellent Support

Our customer support team is available at office hours, five days a week to answer any kind of questions you have. We can help you on the spot!

Multiple printers, user profiles, recipe management, and more.

Keep track of your recipes, inventories, and users for various departments. OrderSmart POS keeps everything tidy, updated, and cross-referenced, making your and your F&B manager’s job quick and easy.

See OrderSmart at work.





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